Confessing To Enjoying ‘Fletch”

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Last night I watched “Confess, Fletch,” a very enjoyable movie that I’m not sure most people know is even released. Directed by Greg Mottola whose work I’ve loved since The Daytrippers, it stars Jon Hamm, playing the role of I. M. Fletcher, “Fletch,” a character based on Gregory Macdonald’s comic mystery novels — a part played by Chevy Chase in a prior adaptation some decades ago. The art direction, and the set decoration are outstanding, and the casting of many great character actors is also highly enjoyable.

So why does no one know about this movie? I watched the movie on Showtime — it had been in theaters for several weeks.

I can’t speak for the entire movie industry or for all moviegoers. However, there is no question that we are in a time that has been disrupted and whose future is not yet determined or even set. It’s hard to know which movies are being released; and if and when they are available for streaming.

It’s hard to know what movies are out. It used to be there were big ads in the newspapers, but since they went digital it’s hard to get the same sense of what’s new. Similarly, once upon a time, there were trusted sources and movie reviewers who told you what to see each weekend. Remember Siskel & Ebert? Who do you listen to now?

Full length feature movies are still being made and some are still being released to movie theaters first, but post-pandemic it’s hard to say which movies I will go to see in a theater. I went to see “Licorice Pizza” in 70mm. I went to see “Top Gun: Maverick” in a crowded theater. I went to see “Dune” in 70 mm. I’ve yet to return to see a comedy where the whole room laughs and shakes like when I went to see “Borat” pre-pandemic.

Clearly, horror still packs the movies houses but I fear for the movie that isn’t an event, a superhero extravaganza, and is just fun to watch. I fear for movies like “Confess, Fletch.”