Marriott Intros 6+ Kinds Of Free, Farm-Fresh Lettuce At This Hotel Brand

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The next time you stay with Marriott Bonvoy’s Element Hotels brand, a new partnership with Lettuce Grow is starting to bloom, and it may make you hungry. This is one of many recent loyalty promotions and partnerships that is helping brands to stay relevant with an ever-changing audience as the pandemic releases its stranglehold on travelers.

The dual-purpose, short and extended-stay brand from Marriott incorporates a well-being and sustainability mindset in its hotels with a focus on the active and nutrition-conscious traveler. This new connection with Lettuce Grow, which specializes in hydroponic (growing self-fertilizing and self-watering in sand, gravel or liquid) gardening, gives guests the chance to access free, farm-fresh produce to enjoy during their stay.

The ability for guests to prepare their own meals from fully-equipped, in-room kitchens is a brand hallmark, and gaining access to wholesome produce to enjoy during their stay reinforces that ideology.

Beginning this month, guests at select hotels can enjoy fresh herbs and greens from a Lettuce Grow Farmstand at the hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffet. They can also bring fresh items to their guest room to use when preparing their own fresh and healthy meals.

Each Farmstand will have between six and eight types of leafy greens and herbs, each unprocessed, sustainably grown and non-GMO. Guests will find things like rainbow swiss chard, butter lettuce, bok choy, parsley, dill and cilantro among others. When is the last time you saw that (for free) in a hotel lobby?

As travel bounces back, many travelers are embracing a sense of well-being and nutrition in their travel habits, and this collaboration makes it easier for travelers to access healthier options without having to leave their hotel. Healthy food options are not always easily accessible at the airport or in hotel restaurants.

In addition to providing the ingredients, Element Hotels will also supply tasty, locally-inspired and chef-curated recipes for guests to use their complimentary Lettuce Grow products with during their stay. This can range from salad options to the perfect garnish for an evening cocktail. Element Hotels also offers guests a complimentary evening happy hour. Michelin award-winning Chef Sammy Monsour is designing special recipes that reflect the destination of each hotel.

Marriott Bonvoy brands are no stranger to health and wellness. Westin Hotels, considered to be the full-service, “big-sister” brand to Element Hotels, offers health-minded menu options (including the ability to order half portions in restaurants or via room service) and sleep-focused turndown amenities.

Each Lettuce Grow Farmstand can produce the same amount of produce as a 40-square-foot farm despite its more compact four-square-foot footprint. The first properties to participate in the Lettuce Grow Farmstand partnership include the Element Bend in Oregon, Element Tampa Midtown and Element Atlanta Buckhead with more to come.

Lettuce Grow Farmstands are available for home use for those that want to grown their own produce long after their hotel stay, too.